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Boonji Project by Brendan Murphy

Explore the great beyond with world-renowned artist Brendan Murphy

Boonji Project, launched on the Ethereum blockchain, is a collection of unique digital non-fungible tokens created by world-renowned artist Brendan Murphy.

The Boonji Avatar NFT not only serves as a piece of collectible digital artwork, but also as a passport that allows you to travel through an unexplored galaxy with the Boonji Spaceman.

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Poligoonz - The Generative Artwork Project by MREGFX

Pop culture meets unique forms of intertwined apparel in this one-of-a-kind, generative art drop.

POLIGOONZ is a project inspired by everyday life, feelings & memories that shape us. Each GOON is identifiable by their visual traits, but stripped back they are all the same poli-dimensional frame.

MRE began his career as a graphic designer creating 2D illustration  using polygonal shapes as his main reference, and now is well known for his life like creative 3D visuals. Everything he has created & learnt has led up to the creation of Poligoonz.

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Jupiter Group is the leader in art and tech integration, creating, distributing and monetizing NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which represent digital and real-world assets including artwork, collectibles, and other items.

The company’s mission is to unlock new revenue streams for artists, institutions, and brands, in perpetuity, empowering them with NFT technology.

Jupiter Group develops the infrastructure and supports the business model with a dynamic and integrated marketing, technology and business strategy, enabling clients to focus on their core competencies by supporting them with a white glove service.

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Empower creators, brands and organizations through NFT Technology


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